The 3 Mice

Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Manager Monique Davenport received a gift vulture for a pet store witch we will not name. We went in and got some new water bottles for the shelter guinea pigs and since we where here had a look at the guinea pigs  other then the guinea pigs not having any water they looked to be well cared for I noticed they had some mice in a cage next to the guinea pigs so I decided to have a quick look they had 2 cages one for the males and one for the females.

They would have had about 30 males all in a small cage and some of the mice had horrible wounds from fighting I ended up complaining to the manager and he said oh don't worry we are not going to sell the sick once as pets but as live snack food!

After talking to the manager for some time he ended up saying if I let you take them will you leave..The Manager passed me on to one of the staff members who took out all the sick males and put in a box and handed them to me.


We report the store to the rspca..