Sponsorship program 

Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Inc currently has many guinea pigs in our care that require a castration (de-sexing) procedure before they can be placed for adoption. 

What is a Castration? A Castration is a surgical sterilising procedure of a male animal, which involves the removal of the testicles.

Why do we de-sex? There are many benefits to having a male guinea pig castrated:

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy
  • Prevents risk of testicular cancer 
  • Helps to minimise unwanted behaviours (such as aggression humping/mounting and biting) 
  • Helps to reducing the development of mammary cancer 
  • Helps to reduce the risk of faecal impaction 

What is the sponsorship program? The castration sponsorship is a once-off tax deductible payment of $90.00 which will cover the castration fee for one male guinea pig. 

You can select a male guinea pig from the list below, which you would like to sponsor. Once your donation has been received it will allow us to book him in for his procedure and once he heals he will be list for adoption so he can find his new forever loving home. 

Thank you for your support. 

Donald (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD

Oreo (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD

Harry (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD

Spike (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD

Casper (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD

Ron (Donation for castration)

$ 95.00 AUD