Mange Mites Can Kill

Mange, Mites is a microscopic mite that burrows under the guinea pigs skin  causing severe pain, itchy skin, Hair loss, open wounds and in server cases seizures.


If you suspect any of your guinea pigs have mange please take them to a knowledgeable cavy vet remember to get treatment for all of your guinea pigs even if they are not showing signs. Guinea pigs can be carriers with out showing any signs..    






  • Thin coat or bald patches 
  • Dandruff (Flaky skin)
  • Aggressive scratching
  • Open wounds from Scratching and or biting itself
  •  In server case when a guinea pigs is scratching or held it is in so much pain and discomfit it may look like it is having a fit .







Mange can not be treated with external washes or mite solutions in some cases using these producks can acutely make your guinea pig worse.


Recommended treatment.


Sheep Ivomectin (Ivomec)


Ivomec is one of the most common and affective treatment used for guinea pigs. You can get ivomec from most vets I recommend having a consult with your vet this way you can have an exact diagnoses.


 Ivomec should be given orally once a week for 4 week Ivomec does not kill the mite eggs witch is why you should treat your guinea pig/s for 4 week.


Please visit your vet to get a dose rate..




Puppy and kitten Revolution (Selamectin)


Revolution has been used on dogs and cats with great success and has been used on guinea pigs with a good success rate too.


Puppy and kitten Revolution can be bought from most pet stores and vets. Revolution is also a great way to do regaler treatment agencies mange for your guinea pigs


Place 3-4 drops of Revolution behind your guinea pig/s  ears under the hair once a week for 4 weeks and then once very 3 months after that for regular treatment..


For more information on Mange Mites please click here




If you have no way of getting to a vet please do not let you guinea pig suffer give Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue a call and we will do what we can to help you and your guinea pig/s.