Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue recommends having an outdoor and indoor/under patio housing for your guinea pig/s this way your guinea pig/s can enjoy time on the grass on nice days and have a nice warm place to sleep at night and a safe place to be when the weather is bad.  We do not recommend having a lawn hutch as a full time housing for your guinea pig/s because guinea pigs can easily catch a chill on cold night and or rainy days. If we have a few day of rain at a time the ground tends to get soft and muddy living long haired guinea pigs with mats and short haired guinea pigs coat’s solid.



Size is a big thing for guinea pigs a lot of pet store cages are way too small for guinea pigs; Guinea pigs need to be able to walk around spread their legs to stay happy and healthy.

Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue recommended cage size is 120cm x 60cm for 2 guinea pigs and an extra 60cm square for each guinea pig after that.



Why say no to wire base hutches?


Wire based hutches/cages have been

 known to cause  all sorts of injuries, braking 

 toe nails and maybe even brake legs.


Bumblefoot. Wire base cages have been

known to cause bumblefoot this is a very

painful infection on the footpad if left

untreated can lead to death. For more

 information on bumblefoot place visit this link. http://www.guinealynx.info/pododermatitis.




Hygiene. The wire base makesit hard

to clean. Old food, poo,old bedding

ext gets stuck in thebetween the wire

 making the cagedirty and smell, guinea

pigs will be more prone to diseases

and other medical problems.

                   Pet one hutch



These are great hutches for under patios

they are a good size for 2 guinea pigs

and can be snaked proofed by simply

stapling smallerwire over the front.It is

 easy to get the guinea pig/s out for

 cuddles has its entire led lifts up and this

also makes it easy for cleaning.

                 C&C Cages


           !The cages of the future!


  These wonderful cages are taking the world by storm.  These cage are fantastic cages they are easy to make, easy to clean,  you can add ramps or lids and you can make them as big as you like, keeping in mind that the bigger the better. 


C&C cages are for indoor use only and to be kept safely away from predators /example, cats & dogs although you can make your guinea pigs a outdoors  playpen this way your guinea pig/s can enjoy some time outside and eat some yummy grass. Note...there should always be someone supervises the guinea pigs when they are enjoying there time on the grass.



Where can I purchase C&C grids? C&C grids can be purchased over the internet e.g. (eBay , dealsdirect)   C&C grids can also be purchased from Bunnings Warehouse.


Note. When purchasing C&C grids from Bunnings they come in a pack like the image shown below.


For more information on C&C cages please visit this link.