Guinea Pigs and Children


Guinea Pigs  and Children


Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue manager Monique Davenport say,  I feel that Children of all ages should have the chance to enjoy the wonderful experience of pets.  I have had Guinea Pigs off and on since I was 2 years old and just having  the joy of knowing that when I get home from preschool there would be someone waiting for there supper  and  a cuddle this  gave me a since of responsibility just knowing that there is a little sole counting on me to care for them.


Your Responsibility as the Parent


Before going out and get a guinea pig you need to be 100% sure that you are ready to commit to have a guinea pig/s even though you might be getting them as the children's pets you need to understand that you are in charge of the guinea pig/s care you have to make sure that they have food, water, clean cage .ext  at all times. Guinea Pigs should never be bought just as the children's pets they should be part of the family if some time in the future the children lose interest the guinea pigs should still be a valid part of the family.


Children should have adult supervisong at all times when handling a Guinea pig.


Yong Children should have adult supervising at all times when handling a guinea pig and be taught that they are not toys. Guinea pigs are very fragile animals and you should take great care when handling them.


It is best to have your child setting down when handling a guinea pig they should never be standing/walking around wile holding a guinea pig if the guinea pig was to get scared he/she can easily jump out of a Childs arms and fall to the ground this could severely  injure a guinea pig. Tip. it is a good idea to have a towel/rag under the guinea pig when holding them because guinea pig quite frequently have accidents.