Damien's story 



Damien and his brother where listed for sale in an only classified ad manger of Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue Monique Davenport regularly checks classified ads encase there are any ill or unwanted guinea pigs for sale.



When Monique was browsing some classified ads she noticed an ad about 2 guinea pigs for sale one white and one white and black it also said that the pure white one was blind in one eye and had to be sold with his brother.


I called the lady to get more information because I was concerned that the white guinea pig was a Microphthlamia (Lethal gene).

I asked how she got the guinea pigs. She said that she got 3 female from a breeder and a week later one gave birth to 2 baby guinea pigs 1 black and white and 1 pure white one.


I expanded that I was worried that the white one had the lethal gene and that he would need special care.


After talking to her for some time she decided to surrender them.

The lady was very caring and was upset she never wanted to have baby's but sadly things happen.



Damien is doing well although he will have to spend the rest of his life here at the shelter because he will need on going vet care and treatment.


Damien is Blind and has teeth deformities/missing teeth he also has neurological problems. Damien is happy and healthy he is in no pain and can drink, eat and do everything like a normal guinea pig he is just a little special.


For more information on Microphthlamia (Lethal gene) Click here.


Photos of Damien below.