Big Bears Story

Manager of Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue Monique Davenport was at the local shopping centre doing the guinea pig weekly fruit and veg shopping when she received a phone call from a pet store located at the same shopping centre.

 The man from the pet store expanded that a lady had brought in a mother and two baby guinea pigs to the pet store to seek advice because the two babies were very small/ had sunken eyes and one of the babies had died the day before.

I went straight to the pet shop to find two very small baby guinea pigs and a frightened mother. The babies where very skinny and had an eye infection.


I talked to the owner for some time. She had 4 guinea pigs 3 female and 1 male after some time she decided to surrender the two babies and the mother and her male to stop any more babies’s being born but sadly the other two guinea pigs where was already pregnant.

We took the 4 guinea pigs home and set them up sadly the mother guinea pig did not have any milk so we had to syringe feed the babies every hour.

Big Bears sister sadly past away 5 day later but big bear continued to strive.

Two weeks later Big bear was still going strong when we got a call from her old owner saying that one of the other females had given birth to 3 guinea pigs but one had just died.

She drove the two remanning baby’s and the mother over we ended up having to separate the mum because she was very ruff with the baby’s but sadly both of those baby past away.

The mum also developed mastoids and had to have antibiotics for a few weeks.

Big bear was the only survivor out of 6 babies. 

A few months later the 2 adult females and 2 babies that the lady had left where surrender because she had to move into a unit and could not take the guinea pigs.