There are tons of different bedding options that can be used for your beloved guinea pigs. Below are some of that Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue recommends.

It is a good idea to place newspaper down before putting your bedding it makes it so much easier when it comes to cleaning their cage out because all you need to do then is role the newspapers up with the old bedding inside then throw it away.  


 Pine wood shavings

This is what Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue uses for the shelter guinea pigs we find it is very absorbent and is fantastic for all coat types. The cost is reasonable for the amount that is given and is available at just about all produce and pet stores.


This is a good bedding for both long and short haired guinea pigs. You can pick from lots of different coolers/patterns. Can be washed in the washing machine and is soft, worm and snuggery. It is a good idea to have more than one sheets of fleece so that when you are washing the old one your guinea pigs steel has somewhere to stay. You will need to wash the fleece every 3,4 days because it has low absorbance


Shredded paper

Shredded paper is a good bedding for short haired guinea pigs. It is not recommended for long haired guinea pigs because it tends to get tangled in their coat. The absorbency is very low and they would need to have their cage cleaned every 3,4 days if you can get a good supply of free shredded paper and don’t mind cleaning their cage every few days then your good to go.

 Recycled paper kitty litter

This is a fantastic bedding for both long and short haired guinea pigs. Extremely absorbent and adsorbs odours. It last 3 times as long as other beddings. It is a good idea to have some soft beds so that they are standing on the pellets all day. Can be a little more pricey then other beddings.


Straw is not recommended as it contains small sharp stalks it is very common that guinea pigs kept on strew bedding can get nasty eye infections because the sharp splintery bits can get stuck in their eyes and cause severe irritation.


Hay is an ok bedding for short haired guinea pigs although you want to make sour the hay is nice and soft and doesn’t have any sharp, pointy, splintery bits because it is possible that they may get a small peace stuck in their eye and cause infection.