Please note:

Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue will be closed as of the 05/07/14 till the 17/07/14.

For emergency call Meg on: 0435251510

Maximum capacity

Please note:

Sadly Cavy Angel’s Guinea Pig Rescue Inc is currently unable to accept surrenders until further notice.

This is sadly due to a growing mass overpopulation of guinea pigs although our team is doing its best to find loving homes for the guinea pigs entering our doors the number of guinea pigs entering the shelter far exceeds those finding loving homes.

Our Rescue has been at maximum capacity for many months now and our team has stretched itself to the absolute limits trying to accommodate and rehome the ever growing number of homeless guinea pigs but sadly our shelter is by far at its limit and the growing number of homeless guinea pigs is still growing.

It brakes our team to have to turn away guinea pigs in need and it is extremely upsetting for us to put in the effort we have for the last 4 years only to see the situation continuing to worsen.

The guinea pig population is truly in crises and I beg that anyone who is able to help these poor animals please do this can be simply by spreading the word, education is the key!

Please don’t breed or bye while so many die!



Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue is a not for profit fully registered charity dedicated in rescuing neglected, ill, found, pregnant and unwanted guinea pigs and finding them a new loving forever home.

We are proudly a non-kill shelter which means no animals are Euthanasia unless it is in the animal’s best interest.

Our organization cares for anywhere between 100 and 300 guinea pigs at any one time and we are very passionate about educating the public on proper care in regards to these small animals as they are sadly all too often over looked.