Wombo's Story


Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig rescue had a call about a lady wanting to donate a cage but she could not deliver it so we agreed to come pick the cage up.

The lady also had two guinea pigs since we where there we decided to have a look at her guinea pigs. The guinea pigs where housed in a cage with wire based flooring that was raised off the ground.

I noticed that one of the guinea pigs had a bad case of pododermatitis or better known as Bumblefoot.

I explained that he would need vet care and that she would have to change his housing.

Wire flooring is not suitable for guinea pigs because it is ruff on the guinea pigs feet and it has been known to cause bumblefoot and they can also get their toes or toe nails stuck under the wire.

The lady decided that in the guinea pigs best interest that she surrender them to Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue where they could get the care that they needed.

Wombo was taken to the vet and was given a 3 week curses of antibiotics and was also provided with painkillers as well as having daily betadine foot baths.

Sadly for Wombo his case of bumbelfoot was to advanced and he developed Osteomyelitis (Infection in the bone). Wombo had two options euthanasia or amputation Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue decided to have his foot amputated.

Wombo is now a 3 footed guinea pig and is getting around very well 

luckily for Wombo help arrived just in time sadly for many guinea pigs they don't get the second chance at life like Wombo has.

Cavy Angel's Guinea Pig Rescue would like to thank Eloise Koelmeyer and the Pet Doctors Palm Beach team for doing such a wonderful job and being so caring with little wombo.


Wombo's foot before surgery. 



Wombo's foot after surgery.