Guinea pigs like humans cannot produce their own vitamin c therefore it must be provided for them in their daily diet if they do not get the required vitamin c they can get scurvy (vitamin c deficiency) here is a link for more info about vitamin c and scurvy


Fruit and veg

Guinea pigs should be given fruit and veg daily. The recommended minimal fruit and veg intake is 1 cupful of veg/fruit a day you should always have at least one veg/fruit that has a high vitamin c content (exp Capsaicin. The minimum vitamin c intake is 50mg per kg or 80gm if the guinea pig is unwell or pregnant.

Yummy fruit and veg list


·         Cos Lettuce

·         Carrots

·         Spinach/ Silver beet

·         Grapefruit

·         Baby Spinach

·         Bok Choy

·         Tomato

·         Corn & husks

·         Brussels Sprouts

·         Apple

·         Cabbage

·         Celery

·         Sweet Potato

·         Cucumber

·         Green Beans

·         Capsicum

·         Orange

·         Rock melon

·         Watermelon

·         Beetroot

·         Broccoli

·         Green/Red Peppers

·         Choko

·         Parsley

·         Pear

·         Banana & leaves

·         Strawberries

·         Squash

·         Pumpkin

·         Pineapple


Hay and or Grass

Guinea pigs teeth never stop growing therefore they need something to grind their teeth on and chew on in constant supply. Guinea pigs need to be grinding and chewing all the time to wear down their teeth. Gruffness is a necessity guinea pig should have a constant supply of hay or grass if guinea pigs don’t have access to hay/grass they can develop serious medical condition called back teeth Malocclusion. This is where the teeth continue to grow typically the bottom molars sometimes growing over the tongue and or into the gums. This condition prevents the normal eating processes and can cause sores and injuries to the mouth.  Recommended reading.  Cavy Teeth - Guinea lynx Website

Recommended hays

·         Oaten

·         Wheaten

·         Barley

·         Grassy hay

·         Timothy   (oxbow)


Lucerne hay is not recommended for guinea pigs over the age of 6 months. Lucerne hay should actually only be given to young (under 6 months) or pregnant, lactating guinea pigs. Lucerne has too much calcium and other nutrients that adult guinea pigs don’t need if guinea pigs have too much calcium in their body’s they can be prone to bladder stones. Timothy hay is one of the best hays you can get for your guinea pigs this can be purchased from oxbow.


Guinea pig grain mix/pellets

Grain mix

Guinea pigs should have a small hand full of grain mix each day breeders choice is the best grain mix I can find around this aria and some produce stores sell some nice mix as well. Please try to stay away from supermarkets guinea pig/rabbit mix it is usury full of unhealthy seeds and next to no chaff. The more chaff in the mix the better.


Pellets instead of grain mix

Oxbows Cavy Cuisine is a fantastic pellet for your guinea pigs it has all the nutrients they are looking for from this particular meal. For more info about oxbow  please visit this link